At NorthEast Insurance Services, we are committed to protecting your privacy as a visitor to this website and as our customer. To our visitors and to our customers, we offer this pledge:

NorthEast Insurance Services is the owner of the information, which is collected on this website. We will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer, share, lease or rent any personally identifiable information to any third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection

We will ask you to provide your personal information to us when you request an insurance proposal/quote. This information may or may not include: your name/family members, home address, mailing address, telephone number, email address, birth date, drivers license number and in some instances, your social security number. This information will be provided to the insurance companies we represent to provide you with an accurate insurance quote. Most insurance carriers will perform a “soft credit” inquiry. We will maintain a record of your information on our cloud software so we can provide you with policy holder services. The employees of NorthEast Insurance Services are each required to sign and acknowledge a Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement. Each employee has been instructed on maintaining the privacy of each customer and the importance of protecting the customer’s personal information.

When you purchase an insurance policy from us, you may be asked to pay the premium or make a down-payment with a credit card or personal check. If you use your credit card, your number is deleted from our records once your purchase has been authorized. If you pay the premium using your personal check or electronic funds transfer we will keep a copy of your check in your electronic file.

Former Customers

We protect information of our former customers in the same way as for our current customers.


A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on a visitor’s hard drive while they are visiting this website. We may utilize a short-lived form of cookie when you visit this site. At NorthEast Insurance Services, a cookie is only used to identify one unique visitor from another visitor during a particular session. A session is the period of active site-use while that unique visitor is linked to our site. No personally identifiable information is stored on the cookie. We use cookies to store information and personalize your experience with our website.

Third Party Links

This website may contain links to third party sites that are not controlled by NorthEast Insurance Services. These third party links are made available to you as a convenience and you agree to use these links at your own risk. Please be aware that NorthEast Insurance Services is not responsible for the content of third party websites linked to NorthEast Insurance services nor are we responsible for the privacy policy or practices of third party websites. Our Privacy Policy only applies to information we collect from you while you are at and while you are actively in a session with NorthEast Insurance Services. If you should link to a third party website from our site, we strongly encourage you to review and become familiar with that website’s privacy policy.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy

The contents of this privacy policy are subject to change or updating by NorthEast Insurance Services at any time without prior notice. The changes may include superseding statements or notices. You should review this policy from time to time to be aware of any changes that are made. Your continuing use of this web site constitutes your acceptance of any changes or updates to the Privacy Policy, all of which shall become controlling when posted. This privacy policy was last updated on April 24, 2019. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at: 1.800.290.8120

Please note that coverage cannot be modified or bound without speaking to a NJ Licensed NorthEast Insurance Services insurance agent.