Janitorial Insurance

Another important way to protect your business...

As the owner of a janitorial service, it can be difficult to find accurate information about insurance because many insurance agents aren’t familiar with your needs. NorthEast Insurance Services is a trusted and educated insurance agency on everything you need for your janitorial business.

Your janitorial business is unique because you and your crew work on someone else’s property. This brings a host of risks and General Liability is not enough to cover all your exposure.

Just imagine you are cleaning another business’s office. You turn around quickly and accidentally bump into a computer screen knocking it on the floor and cracking the screen. Since the computer screen is in your care, custody, or control when it fell off the desk, there may be no coverage under your general liability policy. This loss would come out of your earnings and possibly threaten your business with the client without an endorsed liability policy.

Another important way to protect your business is by having a janitorial bond. This protects the homeowner or business in the instance that one of your employees steals from them. It is very common that an employer believes they can trust their employee(s) and does not take the precautions for possible theft while on the job. It’s important to remember that with this bond, there must be enough evidence against the employee that charges could be brought against them before the bonding company would pay the claim.

A complete protective suite of coverages includes insurance on your:

  • Workforce– Workers compensation will be there for your employees in the event of an accident.We can also counsel you on measures to prevent future occurrences which may also reduce your insurance expense.
  • Property– Your premises and equipment will be insured against theft and damage.
  • Vehicles– Liability, property and uninsured motorist coverage will be in place for protection against the many risks vehicles cause.
  • Potential for Liability– The janitorial business has a significant amount of exposure for potential business harming lawsuits. With the proper limits and coverages, worrying about liabilities can be virtually eliminated.
  • Potential for Product Liability– Protect your business against any potential liability that may be caused by the products you use.

There are many other coverages exclusive to your business. For example, you can purchase tools and equipment coverage, business income and enhanced crime coverage.

Our experienced agents can help you find a plan that protects your business and your employees from the unforeseen.

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