Everyone has a dream retirement location. For some it’s the mountains while for others it’s a beachfront property. When it comes to buying a coastal home, whether you plan to live there full time or not, there are important factors to consider before going through with the purchase.


First and foremost consider the physical integrity of the home. Regardless if you’re building from scratch or not, your coastal home or condo should be as weather-proof as possible. Floods, hurricanes, nor’easters, or simply strong winds could cause immense damage to a home. Here are some tips:

  • Consider building or buying a home that’s on stilts.
  • Materials used should be wind and flood-resistant. They should be ready to withstand high temperatures or heavy rain.
  • Roofs undergo more wear and tear than we think about in our day to day. Newer roofs are built with more durable materials. Plus an updated roof could help your insurance rates.
  • Metal roofs for a coastal home are very wind-resistant.
  • Windows may be the best feature of your home, but they’re the quickest to be damaged in a storm. If they’re not durable impact windows they can suffer damage from debris lifted during a storm or hurricane.
    • Not only are they great for heavy weather, but they have better insulation therefore saving you on your energy bill and decreasing noise from outside.


We don’t want to burst your daydream bubble but there is a reality to owning a home on the water. That reality is filled with floods and insurance rates.

While these homes are great for resale and the convenience of beach access, you can protect your investment through weather-proof materials and flood insurance.


We get it. You don’t want to be spending money on both flood and homeowners insurance. Which if you didn’t know that your homeowners’ policy doesn’t cover floods, then now you do.  (so keep that in mind). No matter where you live, flood insurance is needed.

For coastal property, homeowners’ insurance premiums are usually higher; another reason why working with an independent agent is so important. Agencies like NorthEast Insurance Services do the price hunting for you, so you can focus on other things that are important to you.


Coastal homes are at greater risk and require more coverage than the standard homeowners’ policy can provide. A policy for a coastal home or condo has specific deductibles for wind, named-storms, and hurricanes.

Insurance carriers have different requirements when it comes to insuring a coastal property (another reason to use an independent agent).

Everyone’s home is in a flood zone, some just have a higher risk than others. Nearly 20% of flood claims come from moderate-to-low risk areas. If you live in an area with new land development you can now be at an increased risk for flooding.

As we’ve discussed the costs of owning a coastal home or condo, you might also be considering renting out the property as well. There are negatives that come with renting out a home including:

  • Bad or messy tenants
  • In New Jersey there is a cap on mortgage interest deductions and on tax deductions.
  • Be prepared for calls from tenants as you are the landlord and responsible for any maintenance needed on the home.
  • If your home is in a Homeowners Association community (HOA) then there may be limitations or requirements for renting out your home.

Finally, make sure that the home you plan to buy checks all of your boxes. Does it have the patio space you need or want? Do you have enough privacy from your neighbors?

Check out the video above or click this link to learn 3 mistakes to avoid when buying a coastal home in New Jersey!

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