Health insurance is something we all need, whether we want it or not. So what are some ways to manage it in the most financially and mentally efficient ways? Let’s get into how to adult with Health Insurance!

Below are some suggestions based on your age and be sure to watch and share the video above for more information!

AGES 18-25:

Imagine this: You’ve just moved away from home. It’s midterm exam time. Just as you’re memorizing 17th-century English writers, a cough comes on. Then another and another. You wake up barely able to breathe but still have to function. What do you do? Get medicine, obviously! But do you have health insurance, that is the question?

AGES 26+

Regardless if you moved back home after college or are out on your own, we don’t judge. Neither does your health insurance options.

Get a Catastrophic plan which is available if you’re under 30 or qualify for a hardship or affordability exemption. This is a low premium, high deductible plan that’s designed to protect you in a worst-case scenario. It covers cover the same minimum health benefits as other health plans, including:

  • Preventive Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Prescription Drugs

You must pay for all health-care costs until you meet a high annual deductible. It also includes:

  • Three primary care visits every year
  • Free preventive services required under the Affordable Care Act, including certain screenings and immunizations.

Apply for a Rider

Once you age out of eligibility you have the option to remain with the group’s coverage for an additional period of time if its a group health plan associated with:

This DOES NOT apply if the parent has an individual health plan.

AGES 30+

We don’t mean to be so blunt but it’s time to find new health insurance.

If you were under a catastrophic plan, you’re automatically moved to a new plan with similar benefits once you’re 30.

Shop around! Use the Marketplace to figure out a plan that works for you, or check with an Insurance broker to help you search and explain all those annoying acronyms.

Another option is Medicaid! As of March 2019, 65.9 million people are covered under Medicaid. It provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and people with disabilities. These programs pay for:

  • hospital services
  • doctor visits
  • prescriptions
  • nursing home care
  • and other healthcare needs

To be eligible for New Jersey Medicaid, a person must:

  • be a resident of New Jersey
  • be a U.S. Citizen or qualified immigrant
  • meet specific standards for financial income and resources

You can read more here on the NJ Department of Human Services website.

Have a full-time job? See what options your employer offers you. Most employers subsidize or even fully cover monthly premiums.

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